Diversity and Inclusion

Commitment to Diversity

Smith Haughey recognizes that diversity is a strength and an asset that advances our rich and dynamic environment where individuals are respected for their uniqueness. All of our diversity initiatives and policies reflect Smith Haughey’s deep commitment to equality and social justice. A diverse workforce is essential to our ability to provide our clients with the best possible legal services and to create an atmosphere in which all our people thrive. This includes people of varying races, religions, ages, genders, ethnic and cultural backgrounds, national origins, sexual preferences or orientations, medical conditions or disabilities, and marital, veteran or family status, and all other variances that make each of us who we are. Smith Haughey is committed to maintaining and promoting an inclusive environment and it is this goal that is embodied in the very fabric of the firm.

Diversity & Inclusion Committee

The firm’s dedication to diversity is reflected in our commitment to time, talent, and resources, and is reinforced by the work of our Diversity & Inclusion Committee. This committee champions the efforts to develop and advance diversity by endorsing and encouraging diversity and inclusion throughout all levels of our firm through training, education, and example.

At Smith Haughey, we appreciate that true diversity is a journey, not a destination, and we are committed to continuous efforts to achieve and maintain an inclusive environment.

Smith Haughey an organization committed to bringing equal communication to our Deaf, DeafBlind and Hard of Hearing clients.

"Diversity is a strength and an asset that advances our rich dynamic environment"