Securities Law


Raising capital while complying with federal and state securities laws is a complex undertaking, but the attorneys of the Smith Haughey securities group excel at walking clients through the capital raising process.

The Smith Haughey securities group specializes in assisting small and middle-market businesses and charitable organizations located throughout the United States in raising capital and ensuring compliance with federal and state securities laws and regulations.

Non-Profit Securities

Our attorneys have extensive experience assisting church denomination affiliates, known as Church Extension Funds, raise capital by the issuance of debt securities throughout the United States. The Church Extension Funds we represent use the proceeds generated from these debt securities offerings to make loans to affiliate organizations, including churches, schools and related agencies. We also represent nonprofit organizations known as Community Development Financial Institutions or CDFI’s, which issue debt securities and use the proceeds from these offerings to provide reasonably priced financing for development projects within their charitable mission, including low-income and sustainable housing developments, minority and women owned businesses, and projects that typically do not qualify for debt financing from banking institutions. These are just a few of the ways non-profit organizations are utilizing debt offerings to raise capital in support of their missions. If you would like to learn more about how the Smith Haughey securities group can assist your nonprofit organization with its capital raising needs, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Private Placements

In addition to serving the nonprofit sector, our attorneys also assist in structuring private placements for small and middle-market businesses. While business owners desiring to issue equity in order to raise additional capital may recognize the logistical complexity of such transactions, many miss the accompanying regulatory complexity. In order to take full advantage of private placement options, including Regulation D safe harbors, and ensure regulatory compliance, it is important to have legal counsel providing support throughout the process. If you are interested in learning more about private placements and how you can utilize them to raise capital for your business, please contact any member of the Smith Haughey securities group.

From startups and small businesses looking for early-stage funding to non-profit organizations seeking a creative source of funding, the Smith Haughey securities group is able to assist clients of all sizes and forms maneuver the complicated world that is raising capital in today’s marketplace. Whether your organization is considering offering securities in Michigan or throughout the country, the Smith Haughey securities group can help you navigate the complicated legislative and regulatory system.