Legal Alert: Governor Snyder Approves Changes to Michigan Workers’ Compensation Law

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Choosing the Right Entity: Limited Liability Companies

Over this past year, we have discussed the different types of entities that are available to individuals that are looking to start a business. Thus far, we have specifically addressed some of the benefits and drawbacks associated with c-corporations and s-corporations. This week, we are going to discuss limited liability companies or LLCs and addre…

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Simple Wills: What you don’t know will cost you (and your loved ones)

We regularly get requests for “simple wills” from our clients. Perhaps our humility or our desires to feel “normal” lead us to think we only need something simple. Or, if you’re like many, you’d prefer to be a smart shopper and save money whenever possible. We wholeheartedly work to simplify our clients’ lives, but most people’s lives are far from …

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How to Lose a Trademark

Trademarks are among the most important assets of any company, as they serve to enable a business to develop a distinctive brand reputation in the marketplace in association with the goods and services it offers. Companies generally try to protect their trademarks, but sometimes, despite the best of intentions, a company can endanger its trademark …

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Who's On Your Team: Financial Advisor

Previously in this series, we discussed the importance of having an experienced accountant and insurance advisor on your business’s team of professional advisors. An experienced accountant will help keep your business in great financial shape and a seasoned insurance advisor will ensure your business has the right coverage to weather just about any…

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