Product Liability



Our clients are respected manufacturers enjoying national and international distribution of their products. And our attorneys work hard to protect their reputations. We have successfully protected our clients in the defense of claims involving everything from cranes to automobiles, fire sprinklers to lawn mowers, and washing machines to construction materials. We are known for employing the most sensible, technically sound, and cost-efficient strategies that produce the most beneficial results for our manufacturing clients.

While we are recognized as top litigators in our field, our attorneys also counsel manufacturers regarding preventative measures that can be critical in avoiding litigation altogether.

We prepare indemnification agreements, draft insurance clauses for purchase or sale contracts, and advise on product warning issues. Our attorneys have partnered with clients to develop more effective warnings, better design alternatives, and field modification procedures. The firm has assisted manufacturers in product recalls, including food and construction products.

If our clients do find themselves in litigation, Smith Haughey is equipped with the outstanding litigation team needed to expertly handle their cases and achieve successful results.

We offer our clients an invaluable range of experience with the courts. This enables us to structure the defense of a lawsuit for optimum representation in each jurisdiction, from discovery through trial. In the course of our practice, we have developed close working relationships with top engineering and scientific experts practicing in this area. For our clients this means we can present the best technical defense. Plus, we are familiar with the experts most frequently employed by plaintiffs, and know how to position their testimony to our client’s advantage.