Divorce Services



Whether you live in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Muskegon, Holland, or anywhere in between, you will want a Michigan divorce lawyer to guide you through the unique complexities of the Michigan divorce process. You will also want a lawyer who understands that getting divorced is an emotional, life-altering event that affects every member of the family.

Our divorce lawyers deliver on both counts. We focus on family-friendly solutions that recognize the client’s wishes and serve the best interests of the children – no matter how complex the path to settlement and resolution may be. Divorce and issues related to domestic relations can involve custody disputes, spousal support (alimony) claims, prenuptial agreements, real estate ownership, business valuation, insurance coverage, pension plan and other retirement division, and more. We are adept at counseling clients through each step of the process. All along the way, we strive to ease the emotional impact on families.

One of the first tasks when we begin to work together is to determine which road to divorce is best suited to your particular situation. Our attorneys explain the various factors that the client should consider and weigh when making decisions. We will provide you with expert advice so that you can make a good, informed decision. While any divorce can “succeed” no matter which road is chosen, choosing the best road for you and your family will maximize the chance for a dignified and civil divorce. The right process can promote personal growth while still taking into account the children’s needs and interests.

When you choose a Smith Haughey attorney for divorce or any other family law related issues, you are tapping into our incredible depth of divorce and family law experience:

  • Divorce litigation
  • Divorce resolution: collaborative divorce; mediated divorce; arbitration
  • Post-divorce issues: support modification; changes in domicile; parenting issues; enforcement
  • Divorce settlement issues: child custody, visitation and parenting time; child support, spousal support and alimony; grandparenting time; property division; premarital and inherited assets; valuation of businesses