No Escaping Estate Recovery Liens

The Court of Appeals recently published a key decision In re Estate of Keyes, which has a profound impact on individuals who currently receive Medicaid benefits. The Keyes case found that the Department of Community Health (DCH) can recover Medicaid benefits from the estate of a Medicaid recipient under Michigan’s estate recovery program, even thou…

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Who's On Your Team: Attorney

Today we wrap up our series on how to properly recruit a strong team of professional advisors to support your business as it grows. To start, we talked about the importance of having a solid accountant on your team that can help keep your business’s financial statements and tax returns looking healthy and strong. Next we discussed how an experience…

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Recent Amendments to the Michigan Freedom of Information Act


Most public bodies are aware by now that the legislature passed significant amendments to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) at the close of their 2014 legislative session. These amendments are scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2015. The primary goals of the amendments were to put in place regulations requiring public bodies to m…

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It's That Time Again: Real Property Tax

It is that time again.  You should be seeing notices of assessment from your local assessor for your real property in the mail very soon, if you have not already received them.  There are several items on your tax assessment notice of which you should be aware of in order to ensure they are correct and you are being taxed properly.  


What is th…

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Agribusiness Newsletter: Taxes and Oil and Gas Leases

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