Legal Alert: March 29 Deadline Approaching

By: Michael E. Doversberger

With the March 29 effective date for Michigan’s new minimum wage and paid medical leave laws rapidly approaching, employers should make sure they are prepared to comply.

As of the end of March, Michigan’s minimum wage will be $9.45 per hour for 2019 (and will increase thereafter). Additionally, employers with 50 or more employees must provide eligible employees with paid medical leave for their personal or family health needs. Among other requirements, the law details employee eligibility, how the leave time is accrued, and when employees may use it. Employers will very likely need to make changes to their policies and procedures to account for this new benefit.

Both laws are currently the subject of a question as to their constitutionality. At this point, though, we expect the laws will go into effect as planned. Employers should take action to ensure their benefits, policies, and procedures effectively fulfill the laws’ requirements and Smith Haughey can provide guidance and assistance.

If you have questions regarding the details or requirements of the new laws, please contact Kimberley MitchellMichael Doversberger or Samantha Pepprock.

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