You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Smith Haughey attorneys Kevin Even and Chris Berry helped our client recover what she was owed by her employer, even though the company went to great lengths to evade the obligation. The employer refused to pay sales commissions that it owed to our client, a commissioned salesperson, after she left employment. Smith Haughey filed suit on her behalf. After discovery, the court granted our motion for summary disposition and entered judgment in our client’s favor for twice the amount of her unpaid commissions, plus her attorney fees and costs. The employer, in an effort to avoid the substantial judgment, dissolved the company and formed a brand new company that did the essentially same work for the same clientele. Smith Haughey wasn’t going to let the company escape liability so easily. Even and Berry pursued the new company, setting out to prove that it was a successor to the original employer and that it was attempting to fraudulently avoid the court’s judgment. They did just that and the court entered a new judgment in our client’s favor against the successor company.