Wikander and Berry Secure Victory in Trucking Crash Trial

By: Matthew L. Wikander, Christopher S. Berry

On March 31, 2023, after a two-week trial, a Kent County jury issued a verdict in favor of Smith Haughey’s clients, Hilda and Luis Mendez.

On May 24, 2018, an excavating truck hit Hilda Mendez’s vehicle at a high rate of speed while attempting to overtake her as she was making a left turn. Hilda and her passenger sustained significant personal injuries. The defendants fiercely contested liability for the crash.

Law enforcement and the defendant’s team of engineering experts blamed Hilda for causing the crash. After two weeks of trial, the jury decided otherwise. It rendered a verdict that the defendants were primarily responsible for causing the crash. The jury also totaled noneconomic damages to $380,000.

The Smith Haughey trial team consisted of Matt Wikander and Chris Berry. Both are thrilled that Hilda Mendez was finally vindicated after nearly five years of being blamed for the crash.


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