Another Trial Victory for Smith Haughey

Smith Haughey attorneys Jack O’Loughlin and Ryne Takacs successfully defended Spectrum Health, a physician, and a physician’s assistant against charges of medical malpractice. A patient died several days after a hospital stay, and his estate alleged that it was the result of the defendants’ negligence. O’Loughlin and Takacs proved that our clients took all necessary and appropriate steps to care for the patient, and only discharged him from the hospital after ensuring that he was stable and that all symptoms had resolved, and with proper discharge and follow-up instructions. The estate asked for $16 million in damages. The trial lasted over a week, but the jury needed only a few hours to find in our clients’ favor, determining that they were not negligent. O’Loughlin and Takacs were supported by a highly experienced trial team, all of whom contributed to this positive result.