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Our professional liability attorneys appreciate that architects, accountants, realtors, and other professionals have worked hard to build their careers and reputations. Yet after years of education, training, and dedication to serving clients, regrettably their expertise is sometimes called into question. When forced to defend themselves and their reputations, professionals throughout Michigan turn to our professional liability attorneys.

We are attuned to the realities of the client’s profession and are experienced in demonstrating that the client’s conduct followed recognized standards. We understand each client belongs to a profession with its own practices and ethics, and we incorporate these into every defense. We also recognize that errors and omissions claims affect the client personally as well as professionally, so we are especially responsive, accessible, and result-oriented as we can possibly be.

Clients place their trust in us because we understand a broad range of professional disciplines, and because we are sensitive to the emotional and career implications of professional liability claims.


Our goal is to help our clients move through the professional liability claim process quickly and efficiently, and to resolve the issues with their best interests in mind. We not only partner with clients in the defense of claims, but also in identifying strategies to repair the claim before suit is filed, retaining the best and most able expert witnesses, and in aggressively evaluating preliminary motions to terminate the lawsuit or narrow the issues.

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