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Commercial Litigation

Commercial Litigation


As counselors, we are trusted to thoroughly analyze the risks, costs, and benefits of a potential lawsuit. We are experienced at balancing the potential impact of a lawsuit or alternative dispute resolution with long-term business goals. As business-focused practitioners, we also provide proactive counsel to prevent or limit clients’ exposure to liability.

The ideal solution for a specific client may not be litigation, but prevention and settlement prior to a lawsuit. Thus, we provide clients with methods of avoiding litigation, and advice on using non-litigation alternatives to resolve business disputes. If negotiation fails to achieve our clients’ desired results, our premier litigation attorneys are ready to respond rapidly and efficiently.


For more than 65 years, the Commercial Litigation practice group has represented retailers, hospitals, manufacturers, financial institutions, real estate developers, and other businesses. Successful litigation, proactive counseling, and responsive client service have always been our hallmarks.

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