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In the business world, often times results are the only thing that matter, and the same holds true for your legal matter. 

We are risk takers who will take the risk with you.

We understand that sometimes traditional billable hour arrangements can be difficult to predict and impossible to afford for a business or individual who has been wronged in the marketplace. For that reason our contingency practice trial team will oftentimes take a case on a contingent fee, meaning we will not receive any fees until victory. We also consider other alternative billing arrangements such as flat fees or hybrid billing. In a hybrid case, we will work for a significantly reduced hourly rate with contingent bonuses based on our results. You can be assured that if we do accept your case it is because we believe in it and you will have the full resources of Michigan’s premier litigation firm at your side.


The billing arrangement for each case is unique and is evaluated at the beginning of our engagement.


At Smith Haughey, we understand that if an individual or company has been treated unfairly in the marketplace, they will need results—fast. We have successfully helped our clients get those results in a variety of different business and employment related cases, including:

    Consumer protection claims
    Trademark infringement
    Misappropriation of trade secrets, wrongful advertising, and other unfair trade practice claims
    Securities violations
    Breach of fiduciary duties and shareholder disputes
    Tortious interference with contracts and expected business relationships
    Class actions and more
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