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It’s been the experience of our employment litigation attorneys that, with even the best planning, employment-related claims can arise. When they do, we work with employers and human resource professionals to develop the most advantageous response.

We have successfully represented employers in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies such as the National Labor Relations Board, the Michigan Employment Relations Commission, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, the U.S. Department of Labor, the Michigan Unemployment Agency, the Workers’ Compensation Bureau, and MIOSHA.


When appropriate, we employ alternative forms of dispute resolution, such as facilitative mediation and arbitration. Select attorneys are certified facilitative mediators who mediate litigated and non-litigated employment issues through federal and state court programs, and by private arrangement.


As a premier litigation firm, we have represented large and small, private and public, for profit and not-for-profit organizations in all employment matters. Our attorneys have extensive experience in the healthcare arena, but we also serve clients in the manufacturing, government, and small business sectors. We handle the defense of all work-related claims including:

    Unfair labor practices
    Wage and hour
    Wrongful termination
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