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Smith Haughey's family business law attorneys recognize the importance of understanding a client's business inside and out. We work to know you and your employees, your operations and your dreams. This is why the family business law practice group is an invaluable resource for both family-owned businesses (in which the owners and directors are related) and closely-held businesses (in which the owners and directors consider themselves family). Our attorneys offer not just excellent legal skills, but also a sincere appreciation and empathy for those who’ve built a business from the ground up.

Many clients rely on us for a broader perspective than strictly legal. For these clients, we are partners in problem-solving. They have called on us to analyze merger and acquisition potential, evaluate employee benefits, strengthen relationships with vendors and suppliers, make connections with consultants, and run interference with the media. Most of all, they count on us to ask the questions they haven’t considered.


We provide a wide range of services for these clients, including:

    Business formation
    Commercial contracts
    Employee relations
    Regulatory compliance
    Civil litigation
    Succession planning
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