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Property owners and landlords in Michigan have certain responsibilities to maintain a safe environment for people who venture onto their properties or for their tenants. This applies to private property owners, commercial property owners, and to all landlords.

When a property owner or landlord fails to live up to these responsibilities, people can get hurt. A person who is injured on another’s property may make a claim of premises liability, also known as property liability, to recover damages suffered from the injury. Common types of premises liability legal actions are slip-and-fall lawsuits, negligent security lawsuits, and negligent maintenance lawsuits.


When we accept your premises liability case, we will usually enact a contingent fee arrangement—meaning we will not get paid until you do. We believe in every case we accept, and we put everything we have towards fighting for you.* 


*Because of our firm's traditional client base, we will not accept personal injury or professional malpractice cases against health care providers or attorneys.


The premises liability lawyers at Smith Haughey have helped people recover and/or are capable of assisting people recover damages for injuries caused by all sorts of conditions, including standing water, snow, ice, defective stairs and railings, defective roofs, defective sidewalks, inadequate lighting, poorly secured floor mats, concealed holes, swimming pool and hot tub defects, negligent security, and more. We are experienced in dealing with the intricacies of all kinds of slip-and-fall injury accidents, and we have obtained numerous slip-and-fall settlements for clients.

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