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Burn accidents are among the most traumatic personal injuries a person can endure. The financial, physical, and emotional costs of burn treatment and recovery can be staggering for the burn victim and his or her family.

You need a burn injury lawyer who understands the unique nature of thermal heat or fire, radiation, chemical, and electricity burns in order to craft a strong and convincing burn victim lawsuit.


When our burn accident lawyers accept your case, we will usually enact a contingent fee arrangement—meaning we will not get paid until you do. We believe in every case we accept, and we put everything we have towards fighting for you.*


*Because of our firm's traditional client base, we will not accept personal injury or professional malpractice cases against health care providers or attorneys.


The burn injury lawyers at Smith Haughey are knowledgeable about all aspects of burn accidents, including causes, types, and consequences. We also know what a burn victim must prove in order to secure a burn injury settlement. And because we are Michigan burn accident attorneys, we are well versed in the intricacies of this state’s personal injury laws.

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